Serious Contemplation



Kicking up the Heels

"Right Atcha!"


My Trainees! Elder Anderson II, Elder Collings, Elder Baker

Overlooking my new domain…. Regensburg!



This guy is really lost!

Fluffernutter! My friends from the shop are never far from my thoughts!

Searching the basement we found these….
and a couch!

The Elders are off on a mission...

Hey, Where is everyone? (I think I see Konrad in the foreground…)

The Steps to .... somewhere.........

The infamous “Krefeld Kraken!”

"Me being District Lord...I mean, er, Leader"

Random Statue

Elder Mayle's awesome tie-tying ability!


Hang Loose, America!


Dropping pass along cards down the stairwell

Elder Mayle and Saria

Elder Bullard and Elder Mayle

Elder Baker and Elder Mayle

Danger! Danger!.... FROGS!!!!

Castle in Krefeld

Body Guards? Matching ties?? "Brotherhood!"

Elder Mayle climbing his way out!

Learning another instrument... the accordian! Staying true to his title as "The Music Man"

Playing Christmas music

"Captain 'Moroni' Mayle"

Elder Guin and Elder Mayle

Elder Collings and Elder Mayle


"Yes, if finally snowed!"

“Merry Christmas from Germany!”

"My Christmas present just arrived! And I think I see.... REESES!!!"

“Best Porsche I have ever seen!”

June 2011

The Elders and "Love One Another"

Elder Mayle @ 5'5" and Elder Jongejan @ 6'8"


Elder Anderson from California

Sieglinda was baptized by her son, Christopher

Hillside Community


D&C 90:36 (edited version)

Letter sent from Germany....

... and arrives in the U.S. (Notice the cancellation mark from Bamberg at the bottom of the envelope.)

Wonder what he's eating??

September 2010 Here are a couple of neat pictures from Elder Mayle’s day to day life.

Waiting for the train

Better not be seen going into the bakery!

26 August 2010 Elder Anderson went to training for three days so Elder Mayle spent that time in Bamburg with Elder Consentino from France.  Apparently he and Konrad became instant friends.

Elder Consentino and Konrad

25 August 2010 Elder Mayle was assigned to his first area – Coburg, Germany.  His companion is Elder Anderson from California.

Elders Anderson and Mayle

24 August 2010 Elder Mayle arrived in Frankfurt, Germany and was greeted by his mission President and his wife.

Pres. & Sister Ninow with Elder Mayle

These are the elders who traveled together as a district to Frankfurt, Germany.  

After traveling all day, an 8 hour time boost forward and a day of missionary work the elders were very tired.  Elder Vail was having a very difficult time staying awake.  Therefore, he was instructed to hold his tie above his head and if his hand fell below his head, the others slugged him.  Sounds like fun to me~!

Elder Vail trying very hard to stay awake after two long days.

10 August 2010
Tyler entered the MTC with the expectation of 9 weeks of preparation prior to transferring to Germany. With studying four years of the German language in high school he was already well prepared. The language coordinator interviewed Elder Mayle and informed him that he was being put on “Fast Track” and would be leaving the MTC ahead of schedule. He was transferred to the International District for the remaining time.  The total time at the MTC was 18 days.

Back: Elders Mayle, Forsyth, Bro. Hymas, Elder Damstedt Front: Sisters Sablan, Kirokosyan, Savaliga (Um, is that Konrad in Elder Mayle's right hand?)

I should introduce you to Konrad. I won’t attempt to tell the story of how he became Elder Mayle’s mission mascot. That is between those who work at the engine repair shop where Tyler worked for the past four summers. However, I get the feeling that Konrad may be the “Where’s Waldo” throughout the next two years.
Elder Mayle’s district leader saw this picture and thought he may be related to Konrad. Does anyone see the resemblance?

Introducing "Konrad"

6 August 2010
Before Tyler left on his mission, I (his mom) had requested a picture of him by the Missionary Training Center sign. Well, this is what I ended up with. I’m not sure who his companion is.

"Um, Mom, there is no sign to take a picture of..."

4 August 2010
This is Elder Mayle’s first district at the MTC. You can see the Provo Temple in the background.

Top: Elders Moore, Harms, Jensen, Redd, Reeve Bottom: Elders Caka, Fotheringham, Alan, Gygi, (Konrad) Mayle, Damstedt

2 August 2010 Set apart as a full time missionary. With Tyler that night was Mom, Dad, Hailey and Hannah.

21 July 2010 Mom wanted a nice photo of Tyler before he left on his mission. We also had a family picture taken as well.

Tyler 2010

Hailey, Tyler, Hannah, Lori, Gary

May 2010
Before Tyler left on his mission he decided to not cut his hair for awhile. Why? “Because I can…” was his answer.

5 months of growth before it was chopped off.


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  1. I enjoyed the photos! It was nice to “see” you & having some fun, at that! Stay safe Tyler. Looking forward to more updates:)

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