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Companion’s Description of Elder Mayle

Elder Mayle is a firecracker! He might be short, but that doesn’t stop him from braking down walls of concerns and destroying J-dubs. He is from Colorado, not Utah, and is proud of it, but enjoys Utah culture, such as BYU and many, many Temples. He has two little sisters…one who is 18, just throwing that out there. He attended the Y before his mission studying (insert Major). He is like the kid from August Rush, or better to say, August Schnell, because he plays like 8-9 instruments, his main one being the piano…and organ…and violin…and guitar…sometimes. He plays Lord of the Rings really well on the piano. Elder Mayle can sleep at all time, in all things and at all places. He is really good at making people laugh and feel comfortable and can do a sweet southern accent, which he once used to contact a bunch of students…they didn’t understand him. Some of his weaknesses are chocolate, especially German chocolate, Veranstaltungen at Catholic or Evangelisch churches, and bread. Give him any one of those things and you have him in the bag and he will have to yell “It’s a trap!!!!”. Elder Mayle’s favorite book is legitimately the Book of Mormon and he has a super strong testimony about it. He also knows the gospel really well and can explain it so that a kid can understand it. Elder Mayle is also really awkward. If I were to describe Elder Mayle as an animal he would definitely be a Duckbill Platapus. Elder Mayle wishes that more girls would write him…just throwing that out there.

Written by Elder Martinez A.K.A. Gomez A.K.A. Sanchez of Worms.


Teaching the Gospel in Different Ways

Hey, sooo, it’s Tuesday! That means P-day this week. Worms is great! I’m lovin it here. Like mentioned, it’s pretty hot, though the weather’s been cooler this past week. Today we’re going to Heidelberg to visit the zoo. Elder Sanchez and I have been seeing lots of success since we’ve been together. We’ve been averaging 10 lessons and three new investigators a week, which are the best numbers I’ve seen on my mission. But numbers aren’t everything. We’ve got a couple of people that are on the brink of baptism. They’re making tons of progress, and I’ve noticed changes in their lives in the short time I’ve been here. The ward here is pretty good, though it doesn’t top Solingen. Last week we took some chalk and drew the plan of salvation in the middle of the city. It was so much fun! There were some little kids that came and helped us out, even though they had no idea what we were doing. They just walked up and asked, “Hey, can we color with you guys?” Sure! So they helped out. We had a lot of people asking questions. We also went around handing out pieces of paper that said, “He is not here, for He is risen!” and on it. Lots of people took them. Yeah, that’s all of the highlights that I can think of. Have a great week!

Elder Mayle