New Zone, New Companion, New Experiences….

So yeah, I’m in Worms now. It’s…different. It’s super hot down here. In Solingen, we basically never see the sun there, and it’s always raining. But, here, it’s like living in a desert. It’s really hot. All the time. But it’s all good. It’s exciting to be in a completely new part of Germany. I’ve spent my whole mission in the same two zones, and now I’m down south, a little closer to the Black Forest! Except the Black Forest is a lot father south. I’m not actually close to it. So I got a new companion, the name being Elder Sanchez, from Mexico! Just kidding, he’s from Utah, but his dad is Mexican. He’s the same age as me, so we’ve both got the same amount of experience, and we’re going to do really well in Worms. They’ve been seeing a lot of success lately. They had a baptism last transfer, and we’ve got some good investigators. It’ll be a great transfer. It’ll also be a short one…only 5 weeks. We’ll see what adventures it brings. Have a great week!

Elder Mayle


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