Watch Out Worms, Here I Come!

Surprise, surprise! I’m being transferred. That’s something I was not expecting at all. My companion, Elder Liddle and I, get along super well, and we’re actually the “Dream-Team” companionship of the Düsseldorf Zone. We work so well together. We have different strenghts and weaknesses, and we compliment each other so well. We are tearing it up here. We found our first investigator for the transfer, and of course I’m heading out to a different city right when this one lights up. It seems to be the story of my mission and all of my areas. Big stuff happens and then I leave. But I’m pretty excited to go tomy new area…Worms. No, it has nothing to do with crawly, slimy things. It’s a very historic city. Martin Luther was there for awhile and that’s where he was outlawed from the Catholic church. Also, William Tyndale first published the English translation of the New Testament in Worms (said Vorms). I’m excited to go to such a historical place. There’s currently an argument going on between Worms, Trier, and Cologne as to which of the three the oldest city in Germany is. Sweet! It’ll be cool to work there. It’s nice and warm down there, I here. My mission president told me it would be better for my health than a super rainy city like Solingen. It will be an adventure. I can’t think of much else to say other than that. So have a great week!

Elder Mayle


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