This week’s Theme…”Dusseldorf”

I felt like this week went by super fast. Probably because we were in Düsseldorf pretty much the whole time. On Thursday there was District Leader Council there, so Elder Liddle had to go (he`s from Orem, BTW), and on Friday we went back to go to Zone Conference, and on Sunday we were there  for Stake Conference. All three of those things were really good. For the District Leader Council I just sat around with all the other missionaries who were there only because their companions were district leaders. We just kinda hung out and talked about whatever. On Friday we had Zone Conference, and that was pretty awesome. It wasn’t my favorite Zone Conference. I felt like there wasn’t a lot of energy, somehow. Probably because it was early this time. Most missionaries had to wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 to get there on time. Which is weird. Usually they don’t have it that early. Whatever, that’s how it was. Side note: It’s really hard to get up at 5 and then stay awake in a 8 hour meeting. Especially since we’re always constantly exhausted anyway. But I made it through. Stake Conference was really cool. Well, the actual conference was really hard to pay attention to. It was a special broadcast, and Elder Nielson and President Eyring were the presiding authorities. That was really cool, but because it was a broadcast for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, they muted the English and we listened to their translators, who were in Salt Lake. I almost fell asleep because they were so monotone. It’s really bad of me to say, but I don’t think I got anything from what they said. But before and after was really cool. I got to see all of my Krefeld friends! It was so awesome. They all recognized me and asked me how I was doing and where I was and if I was still playing piano and organ for my new ward. One of the members said that I should just do a split with the Krefeld elders every weekend and play organ in their ward. I would love to do that, but unfortunately, that isn’t allowed. One of the members, Sis. Kreuzer, came up and gave me hug. They were one of my favorite families, and I was one of their favorite missionaries. It was super cool to talk to them again. I told them that I had visited Krefeld a few weeks ago, and they said that next time I should call and see if they have time to meet. We’ll see. I really want to, but it does cost us money to get up there, and it takes a large chunk out of P-day, and 8 hours isn’t as much time as you think it is. So that was pretty much our week. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Elder D. Todd Christofferson is coming to Düsseldorf on March 8th! And today I got an email from President Schwarz…guess who gets to provide music for the three hour meeting? I’m excited. That’ll be two Apostles that I’ve played for. It’ll be super cool. So that’s the week. We’ll see how this week goes. Have a fun week!

Elder Mayle


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