Elder D. Todd Christoffersen Was Here…


Hello hello! So last Thursday was pretty sweet. We got to see Elder D. Todd Christofferen in Düsseldorf! It was pretty cool. And as mentioned, I got to provide the music for him. That puts the count up to two Apostles that I’ve performed for. Not a shabby count, ah? I enjoyed his visit more than Elder Bednar’s. He took the time to shake everyone’s hand, and when he spoke to us, he didn’t stand at the pulpit, he came down to the floor and stood right in front of us (and I mean RIGHT IN FRONT, because I was sitting in the front row. I could’ve shaken his hand for the full time he spoke to us. He talked a lot about the Gospel of Christ (Faith in Christ, Repentence, Baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the End) and just helped s understand how to teach that to those who want to learn more about the Church. It was amazing. He’s a super cool guy. Very funny, but also very smart and wise. He mixed in a lot of hilarious comments while teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great experience. I wish we could’ve had more time, but that just never happens. Such is life. Other than that, no really big news. We still have yet to find an investigator, but we’re working really hard. We’ve talked to loads of people, but they all say the same thing, like I said 18 months ago…”No time.” No time?!? No time for Christ?!? Whatever. We just move onto the next person. You can’t force people to take time for something they don’t want. Transfer calls are coming this Saturday. We’ll see what happens. Have a great week!

Elder Mayle


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