Working with Elder Liddle

So we had a pretty good week. Elder Liddle and I work very well together. We are two different personalities, have two different attitudes toward what missionary work is, and have had different ways of working our entire missions. We’re working on finding that balance between him and me, but it’s going well. There aren’t any problems, just ways that both of us can improve. He’s more of the type of, “If I’m not outside talking to every single person that I can see, then I’m a bad missionary.” I prefer working with the members to help them develop their faith and testimony so that they feel comfortable being member missionaries. Like I said, we’re finding the balance so that both of us feel happy with what we’re doing. (Luckily for me, Preach my Gospel says that the best way to do missionary work is through the members…that means that the compromise edges closer to my side). Anyway, we’ve been seeing miracles on a daily basis. It’s amazing how we just kind of run into people who are like, “yeah, Christ is good. I would actually like to learn more about what you believe and see what you’re all about.” It’s been pretty awesome. The ward here is great and supportive. Next Sunday we have Stake Conference, so I’ll get to see all my friends in Krefeld ward! Have an awesome week.

Elder Mayle


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