Master and Padowan

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! My birthday was okay, but, like last year, I ended up being in a train all day. First, an Elder came down from Duisburg to join us in Solingen, then we went to Dortmund together to drop off Elder Christensen with his new companion, and then we started heading back. On the way back, we found out that we didn`t have to be in Düsseldorf until 3:30. We had a couple hours, so I said, “Let`s go to Krefeld!” So we did. We went and I visited Karl-Heinz, the non-member who`s always at the genealogy center at the church. It was cool to see him again. Then we went to the Krefeld apartment and hung out with the elders there for a little while, because they were unable to go out and work that day. Then we went to Düsseldorf and I picked up my new companion, Elder Liddle. He has served in Bamberg, in Nürnberg Zone, and Nordhausen, in Erfurt zone. And, he was trained by Elder Anderson II, whom I trained, so that makes him my grandson. We`re super excited to work together. He said that he`s heard a lot about me from other elders, and we were in the same zone for a couple transfers, and he said that he thinks I`m one of the best elders he`s ever met, and now he gets to work with me! That was nice to hear. This is his first transfer as district leader, so he`s not sure what to do, but since I served a long time as a district leader, he said he`ll be able to learn a lot from me. So it`s kind of a Master and Padowan set-up we have here. We’re working really well together, and we`ll continue to do so, I think. We set a baptismal goal this morning for 2 baptisms by the end of April. It will take a lot of work, and a miracle from the Lord, but it can definitely happen. On behalf of all the missionaries in the world, thanks for all the prayers that come our way!

Elder Mayle


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