A Little About Solingen…

Hey, it’s Monday again! So not a ton has happened, I guess. I’m in Solingen. It’s a ward, and we usually have about 70 people in church. It’s about the same size as Krefeld Ward. It is a German speaking ward, which is a relief, because I got tired of speaking English with the members all the times…I’m not sure how I’ll handle being home. There are a couple people from South Africa and Australia that speak English, but the Bishop asked that we all speak German inside the church building. There’s quite a lot of YSA’s here, so we’re going to work with them a lot and see if we can get them to invite their friends to hear about the Gospel. We think it’ll work out great. I’m working with Elder Christensen, who’s from Spanish Fork Utah. That’s just south of Provo. He’s in the same group as Elder Collings, so he’s been out for about a year. We’ve been having tons of fun. We get along pretty well. He’s one of the biggest Star Wars geeks you’ll meet. It gets out of hand sometimes…like light saber duels in the apartment and such. So goes it. It’s always rainy here in Solingen. Which confuses me because I just came from Regensburg, and if you were to translate that into English it means “Rainy Fortress, ” basically. So it’s weird. We don’t really have any investigators. But the one we do have has a baptismal date for February 5. Our biggest concern is that she comes regularly to church and stops drinking coffee and smoking. And she’s kind of crazy…I always seem to have to deal with those kind, but we’re making it work. Days go by, and we keep moving forward. Other than that, there’s not anything really exciting going on. So, hoorah until next week!

Elder Mayle


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