Christmas Market

Hey, sorry for not emailing yesterday. We went up to Nürnberg to see the Christmas Market, and it was awesome! It’s one of the oldest markets in the world. The only market that I know of that’s older is in France. We stayed there for a while and had lunch at Vapiano, an Italian restaurant, because it was Elder Jongejan’s birthday (he’s the super-tall one…we call him the giraffe). Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I don’t have any documentation of the events. On Saturday we had our Christmas party with the branch, and it was great! Again, no pictures, which is really sad because I played Santa Claus (with a companion who’s a lot larger than most people, you would think that he would have done it…but the suit didn’t fit him.). There was tons of food, and we had more people show up than we normally do for church, including two of our investigators! Earlier that day we went to Ansbach (a different area) with the district to do some street singing. Witha couple guitars and the six of us, we sang Christmas songs, and instead of taking money, we gave away cards and “Joy to the World” DVD’s. It wasn’t super successful, but the location wasn’t that great, and we weren’t quite practiced enough. But this weekend our tour will take us up north to Feucht, and the city said that we’d get the main stage in the middle of the Christmas market…oh boy. That means we better sound good, because we’ll have microphones this time, and people will be watching us instead of just giving a passing glance. We’re practicing a lot more. Other than that…I can’t think of much to say…Oh yes. At the Weihnachtsmarkt yesterday I decided to use the money you sent me for a souvenir (sp?). (side note: it’s a good thing I opened the present before Christmas, because if I opened it on Christmas, the market would have been closed, and I wouldn’t have gotten something). I bought a nativity scene, but not just any…it was handcarved, and it’s still in the tree. I’ll take a picture and send it next week. It was the only thing that stuck out to me…everything else was really just candied nuts, chocolate, sausages, and a bunch of over-priced deliciousness. It’s sitting on my desk, and it’ll definitely stay there awhile. That’s about it for this week. Everyone have a good Christmas break, and look forward to next week.

Elder Mayle

P.S. – As district leader I go on splits right? Well, every missionary that comes through says that tiger butter is the most deliciousness thing they’ve ever tasted. But they only get a couple pieces, because I love it more than they do and I horde it.


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