New Investigators

It’s a beautiful cold day here. We haven’t gotten our first real snow yet, though we’ve seen flakes here and there. The Christmas Market has been opened up in the city, and we’re going to visit it today with Elder Ripplinger and Elder Van Camp. We’re super excited. We’ll try to remember to take lots of pictures. Another reason why we’re excited is because we had three investigators in church! That was awesome! Vito finally came too, for the first time! We also had a Bulgarian couple there. We’ll be meeting with them tonight, hopefully. It was a really good day. It’s been a long time since we’ve had an investigator in church, aside from Sarah, who’s mom was a member, so that was a little different. But anyway, we were really happy to see them all there. Also, remember how I teach piano lessons every Tuesday? The nonmember girl who comes agreed to have us introduce her to the church. And then we stopped by her house last night with the Branch President, since they’re neighbors, and the father said that we could meet with the family on Thursday and teach them all about the church. YES! It’s going to be awesome. We’re really excited to introduce our beliefs, and with the support of our branch president, we can see a new family added to our branch.  This week should be great.

Elder Mayle

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