Before I forget, I did get my Christmas present on Friday at Zone Conference. Thanks a lot!  I’m excited for the music that was put on the flash drive.  And I’m excited to break open the chocolate. I’ll try to make it last as long as I can. Thanksgiving was awesome this year. We went on base with the members and had quite the feast. For $7 we got a buffet dinner. They had the usual turkey and potatoes and such, but they also had roasted duck, lobster, shrimp, all sorts of pies, and to top it off…eggnog! MMMHMMM!!!! It was so good. I absolutely stuffed myself. Then we went over to the Longs’ house and stayed there for a few hours and played Phase 10 (side note, yes I did win).  We then stayed the night with the Feucht elders. That was a blast. Then on Friday we had Zone Conference, and it was incredible. Elder Kopischke, the Area President, and his wife were there. They blew us away with the Spirit and everything they said. I was able to provide the music for that as well. They both complimented me on inviting the Spirit through music. I was able to give a talk on Sunday as well about gratitude, and I think that went really well. I got to translate myself. My German has gone down little bit downhill since I’ve been in Regensburg, just because the ward is American, and I don’t have as much of an opportunity to speak as much as I should. But there have been a few people who don’t realize I’m not German until I tell them, and then they start noticing the little mistakes. But it’s good. We do get copies of the Liahona every zone conference. We just got the October one. The November one wasn’t available yet. Last week was really busy, but this week is pretty open, so we should have more time to do missionary work rather than pig out or travel to Nürnberg. On Saturday we might all go up to Nürnberg to do some caroling. We’ve got some guitars, and we can all sing, so it should be awesome. And that’s about it for this week. Peace out.

Elder Mayl


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