Same Area, Same District – We’re Awesome!

Ready for transfer news? Elder Myers and I will be staying together for another transfer. This will be the longest that I have stayed with a companion. This will be interesting. Staying 24 with one person for more than three months will probably try my patience more than anything else in the world…especially since I didn’t get to choose who I’ll be spending this time with. But oh well, we’ll see what happens. All of the other elders in my district will also be staying together, which is something very rare to see on a mission. All six of us are staying, which I’m okay with, because I have the best district ever. Our district meetings are sweet, and the faith in this district can be topped by no other. I’m ready to work with all of them again this transfer. We set a goal a little while ago to have 5 baptisms by Christmas (this was a three month goal, so we set it in…October?) and we currently have 2 baptismal dates. Sarah will be baptised this Saturday. I was asked yesterday to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. I’m really excited for that. Going to baptisms on the mission is a lot cooler than when you’re not on a mission. Probably because I know a lot more now than I did then, and I’m much more in tune with the Spirit. Our second baptismal date is Vito, set for the 3rd of December. This might be pushed back because he couldn’t come to church yesterday, but everything has been worked out and he should come every Sunday now. We’re super excited for that. We’re trying to think up new ways of finding people, because street contacting and dooring are the two least-effective ways of doing the work. We’re trying out having a ping-pong night every week, or doing something at the university ríght next to us, or something. We have three guitars in the district, with missionaries to play them all, so we might go out on the street and sing Christmas songs for this transfer (since Christmas is the very last day of it). We’ll see. That’s pretty much all the news for this week. Have fun!

Elder Mayle


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