Working Hard and Keeping the Faith

Hey, so this is going to be short, because we’re heading up to Nürnberg in about 20 minutes to see the DokuZentrum. I was there last year. It’s the place that talks about the rise of the Socialist Party. I loved it last time, and I hope that it’s still just as good! The whole district is going too, so that makes it even more fun. I love the missionaries in my district right now. They are all hardworking and full of faith. We’ve seen miracles happen in this district in this transfer because everyone is striving to do their best and work hard. The baptism that we have planned won’t go through for the next coupe of weeks due to scheduling with the family, so it’ll probably happen the week after I’m transferred out…of course. Other than that, we’re having lots of trouble finding new people to teach. We’re trying lots of new ideas, and nothing is working. But we’re still full of faith, or trying to be, because that’s the only way to work.

Happy Halloween!!
Elder Mayle


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