Splits are Great!

Last week of the transfer…again. Time seems to be going by faster and faster. Sometimes I wish I could just stop it, but that has yet to occur. So I guess a couple awesome things happened last week. I got to go on a split with Elder Van Camp, and that was tons of fun. He’s a convert, and you will never meet someone who is more happy or more excited than him. He is a ball of energy, and is basically on fire all the time. We had tons of fun, and we both hope that we can work together sometime. I also went on a split with Elder Peterson, from my last district, and we also had fun. We found a couple new contacts, and hopefully they turn out to be legit. We almost got Vito to come to church. We called him 30 minutes before the meeting started, and he said he’d come.  I think he fell asleep. Oh well, that happens. We had a great day at church, as usual. Elder Myers gave a 20 minutes talk…I mean, testimony. It went a tad long, but he shared a good message about members doing member work, and the missionaries being there only to support. I can’t give him to much flak though, since multiple people said my farewell was long, and I gave a 20 minutes talk while I was in Krefeld. But, oh well. Next week’s news will be what’s up for transfers. Have a greate week!

Elder Mayle


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