Feeding Yourself, both Spiritually and Physically

Glad you liked the pictures! We probably had too much fun taking those. It took so long to get the timing down for all the jumping pictures. I think we spent an hour doing it. It was fun. This past week was slow…again. We couldn’t meet with any of our investigators, and it looks like the baptism will be moved back a week due to sickness. We had stake conference yesterday, and it was awesome! The missionary choir sang well, even without practice, and…I got to see everyone in the Coburg branch! I’m glad that they recognized me. One of the kids saw me right as I entered the building and ran up and said, “Hi  Elder Mayle! Where are you serving now?” So that was cool. I got to talk to a few of them a little bit, and I loved it. They asked if I was coming back to visit Coburg after my mission, and I said “hopefully.” They couldn’t believe how long I’d been on my mission, and how much time I have left…a fact that we won’t discuss. I got to have an interview with President Schwary, and, as usual, it was awesome. I love talking with him, and I’m always excited when he calls, which doesn’t happen too often, but it’s sweet when he does. Then, on the way to the train station, the Ansbach elders told me that they didn’t have any food at their apartment, so we got permission for them to stay at our apartment for the night, and have P-day with us. The elders from Feucht came down this morning, and now we’re all going to go to a really good sausage place, check out all the old buildings in the town center, and have fun. Hope everyone else has fun too!

Elder Mayle


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