New District / Setting goals

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed that General Conference! I can’t believe that it’s over already. But, as usual, I loved it more than anyone else, without question. We went to Nürnberg to watch all the sessions. I still missed the last one, because it started at 10 at night…so that didn’t happen. But everything that I saw was good (i just realized that when you type “saw” and “was” next to each other, your fingers just move backwards…cool). Anyway, it was a grand time.We got to see lots of missionaries, and basically hang out all Sunday. Well, as far as hanging out for missionaries goes. We also got transfer calls on Friday. I’ll be staying in Regensburg another 6 weeks (I’ve been here two months….weeeird), and so will my companion, Elder Myers from Wyoming. He was excited to see a temple being built in Star Valley, but the Ft. Collins one will still be closer. I guess I forgot to update everyone on the baptismal date we had. Vito didn’t make it, because he didn’t come to church, but we’re still working with him, and we have a goal to baptize him by Christmas…hopefully sooner. We do, however, have another baptismal date set for the 22nd. Her name is Sarah, and she’s 10. Her mother is a member who was inactive when Sarah was 8, so she wasn’t baptized, but we’re looking forward to that wonderful day! Tomorrow are transfers, and I will be getting almost a whole new district…full of newer missionaries. Half the district will be in their 3rd transfer (for those unfamiliar with that amount of time, they’ve been in Germany about 3 months already), and I’m looking forward to having a young, excited, hard-working district! I’m still district leader, and I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to improve district meetings, and do better at teaching and inspiring the other missionaries to give their best in this short amount of time. One of my goals for the next 6 sixs is to depend more on the Spirit, and to pray for revelation and inspiration on how to run the district, and what the missionaries need. I have no doubts that personal revelation is real, and that once we become accustomed to receiving, listening, and following it, we will be able to receive more, and help those that are under their influence.

Elder Mayle


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