General Update

Hi, sorry for forgetting last week.  I got a little too caught up in watching videos from General Conference. I still haven’t seen the last session, but I’m sure it was great. I’ll get to it eventually. But, everything is going fine, like always. I have a new district now, and they are all awesome! They are all very hard workers, and I believe that we will see miracles this transfer. I’ve done only one split so far with one of the new elders, and we had a blast! It’s fun working with other missionaries…not that it’s not fun working with your companion, but working with someone else has a different feeling to it. So that’s going well. Our baptismal date with Sarah got moved to the 29th, so that’s next Saturday. Yesterday church got cut a little short because almost nobody showed up. So we didn’t have the third hour. And the Sunday School teacher moved to America, permanently, so he was released, but nobody was asked to teach the lesson, soooooo…guess who’s always prepared to teach a lesson at anytime? Yup, the missionaries. So I got to teach Sunday School yesterday, with no time to prepare. It went really well though, I think. I really do enjoy teaching a lot, too. So I have no problem with that. We had a couple eating appointments last week, and I was introduced to my new favorite cookie…peanut butter cookie with reese’s inside…D-lish. I’m ready for all sorts of cooking adventures…we already have one at least once a week. It keeps life interesting. Other than that, I can’t think of much else, except…Stake Conference is this Sunday, and there’s going to be a missionary choir providing prelude, and I get to direct. I’m excited. So, have a great week, we’ll check in on Monday.

Elder Mayle


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