Elder Bednar’s Visit

Last week was awesome! First of all we got to hear from Elder Bednar on Tuesday. And perhaps “hear from” isn´t the right phrase. We were given articles to read about a week beforehand, and he just asked us to share our thoughts about what we learned from the articles, which were both talks from Elder Bednar…one from General Conference and one from a CES Fireside. They were both about faith. He just let us talk about these for awhile, and gave his input when he felt the need. He was constantly asking us about the pattern that we saw him teaching in…asking questions, clarifying, and listening. It was incredible.  And, as I mentioned last week, I was asked to provide the music for the meeting. That was cool for two reasons. First, I got to play for Elder Bednar.  Second, I got to play the organ in the Frankfurt Stake Center. That organ is amazing! It´s an older one, and it has the coolest sound ever. It sounded very similar to the Tabernacle Organ. It was big and loud and beautiful! I hope I get up in that area sometime on my mission so that I can play it every P-day, and whenever else we’re at the church. So Tuesday was an awesome day. the rest of the week was great too. I kind of had an “aha” moment on Saturday as we were walking around talking to people. Background: I have a CD called “Reflections of Christ: Another Testament” (this is the sequel to the other CD I have, “Reflection of Christ”) and there´s a song that’s called, “A Moment Just for Me.” The singer sings about Christ taking a special little moment for her and her alone (the setting of the CD is Christ’s ministry in America). As I was contacting, the thought hit me that Christ also has taken a moment for me, and that he’s always willing to do so. I then thought that as his representative, I should also be taking moments for others as well. This gave me renewed zeal to talk to people on the street. For some reason it finally clicked. So I’m really excited for this week, because I feel super motivated to do the work of the Lord.
Elder Mayle

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