Transferred to Regensburg

Hello, hello, from Regensburg! It´s pretty refreshing to be in a new city with new sites and new people. Regensburg is down in the lowest part of the mission, as I said last week, and it´s the only area in the Frankfurt Mission that is truly in Bavaria. Technically all of the other areas in Nürnberg are in Bavaria, but they were originally part of Franken, which got invaded by Bavaria. So it´s a lot different than the rest of the mission. It´s absolutely beautiful down here. Lots of older architecture, and awesome landscape. Up north was pretty ugly, and so I´m really excited to be back in the rolling hills and rivers and other stupendous earthy things. It´s a little more humid down here, which makes it a lot warmer than Krefeld, and it rains about every other day apparently. But I can´t complain about anything yet. My new companion is Elder McGuire, from Provo, Utah. That puts the ratio at 3-3, Utah comps to non-Utahns. He´s still new on his mission, and was actually in the MTC at the same time as Elder Baker. He´s a great guy, and is doing well for being in the field only three months. His trainer was Elder Damstedt, who was my MTC companion, so we share a companion as well. It´ll be a fun transfer. The branch is almost all American, so the meetings are in English. However, there are one or two Germans that can´t speak English, and so I translate from English to German. And it´s not just sitting next to them. There´s a second microphone at the podium, and I stand next to the speaker and translate sentence for sentence. It´s an adventure. After Sacrament Meeting yesterday, one of the Germans came up and said, “That translation was incredible! I can translate too, but I need a little time to think about what was said. You just start talking and you were almost perfect!” A German couple came up to me and asked where I was from. I told them I was from the US and they were pretty shocked. She said, “We were positive that you were European. My husband lived in Holland, so we knew you weren´t Dutch, so we thought you might be from Belgium or Denmark. You´re accent didn´t sound American at all!” Boo-yah. Goal for “not sounding American” is achieved. I also translated for Sunday School and Primary. I think my German is going to get really good down here.

Elder Mayle


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