The Atonement of Christ and Forgiveness

Hey, hey, okay…so stuff is happening all over the world. Just thought I´d let y´all know. Regensburg also has stuff happening, as usual. We had transfers last week, and so I have a new companion. His name is Elder Myers, and he´s from Torrenton (or maybe it´s Torrington) Wyoming. He´s a few transfers younger than me, and he´s been transferred almost every transfer of his mission. He´s a great guy, and we´ve been having lots of fun. If you want to know what he looks like, you basically have to picture Mr. Incredible while working his desk job. Yup. That´s pretty much it. So there’s even more exciting news…I get to see Elder Bednar tomorrow! He´s visiting Europe right now, and the ENTIRE MISSION is going to Frankfurt tomorrow for a mission conference! We are super excited, first because we get to meet Elder Bednar, but also because all of the missionaries in the mission will be together, so we´ll get to see all of our missionary buddies that we haven´t seen for awhile. I plan on getting a picture with the missionaries that I´ve trained…all three of them. That will definitely be a highlight. So I´m currently reading Jesus the Christ right now, and this past week I read a very special section of it…the last day of Our Savior´s mortal life. There is so much information packed into these last few hours that really helped me to understand it better and grow a stronger testimony of the Atonement than before. I took a lot of time to think about what the Savior and his Atonement mean to me, and how I can share it with others. It is really sad that there are many people who choose to not accept Christ as their Savior, and even those who do choose, not to act in an accepting way and follow Christ´s example and forgive others. That is one of the principle parts of the Atonement, forgiveness. Christ is willing to forgive us all of our many, many sins and “trespasses,” so long as we forgive everyone else as well. Sometimes this seems like a hard thing to do, but I promise that if we take the time to look at our lives and take note of the times where we haven´t yet forgiven people, we will notice that many of these things are silly, really don´t matter, or we took offence when it was not intended. I have taken that time this past week, and I really feel like I was able to forgive everyone that I was holding something against, and it is amazing. I would invite everyone to do the same, and let go of those dearly-loved grudges and get on with your life. Your testimony of the Atonement will grow, and you will feel the love of the Savior more potently in your lives.

Elder Mayle

Oh my goodness! EXTRA EXTRA!!!!! I just got a call from the assistants and they asked if I would play the organ for Elder Bednars´s visit tomorrow! Woo-hoo!!!!!


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