Barriers in Getting to Vito

Whoa, the ward split?!? What is this world coming too? Na ja, I guess that´s how it goes. It´ll be an adventure when I get back. So this week started out absolutely slow, but I will show you how it completely was made worth it. So at the beginning of the week, we had multiple appointments set up. Throughout the week though, everything fell out…EVERYTHING! It came to be Sunday and we had found no investigators, no potentials, and had taught no one. We had an eating appointment with one of the members in Parsberg, which technically isn´t in our area, but almost all of our members are assigned from there to be in our branch, otherwise we´d have about two people in church every Sunday, with no Priesthood holders other than ourselves. And it was good too. We had some very nicely cooked ribs, because I guess they´re really cheap on-base. Anyway, we had an appointment set up with a man named Vito (who we had an appointment with the day before, but, of course, it didn´t happen) and we were excited to meet with him. We´ve been trying to teach him the past three weeks, but everything possible came between us and the appointments. We had never met him, but we knew he was a previous investigator who suddenly lost contact with the missionaries about six months ago. He told us on the phone that he had just got out of prison. We were a little worried about what we would find, but, our most important priority is helping people come to Christ, so we figured that it would be a good opportunity to meet anyway. So we get to the train station, and the train that usually comes at that time wasn´t coming through, due to construction. So we had to call Vito and ask if we could move the appointment back 45 minutes, and he said no problem. So we get back and he called and said that he couldn´t come to the train station, and asked if we could meet him at his apartment. No problem, right? Well due to other construction, half the buses weren´t running their regular routes, and we didn´t know exactly where he lived. We ended up going back to our apartment to get the map and drop off our suit jackets. At this point, it was already 5:30, and our appointment was supposed to be at 3. He also lives on the opposite side of the city as us, and it would take us about an hour to walk there. We almost decided to call him and say that we couldn´t make it up there and if we could have the appointment on Tuesday. We still hadn´t had study time, and as district leader I still had a lot of phone calls to make, since Sunday night is when we call up our district, pick up numbers, see how they´re doing, and then report to the zone leaders. But, we decided to move on and sacrifice our precious study time, and caught a bus luckily, made a little bit of a trek across that 600 year old Roman bridge, and found his house. We had an awesome appointment. We talked about how he found out about the church. He said he was watching the TV Show South Park and a scenario came up and basically said that the Mormons had the correct religion. Vito laughed and then realized that he had no idea who the Mormons were. So he looked us up on the Internet, found our website, ordered a free Book of Mormon, and met with the missionaries. As we talked he said that he has investigated a lot of churches, and in every single church he has found something that just didn´t fit, and he felt like they all contained points of doctrine that he didn´t believe because they didn´t make sense. He looked directly at me and said, I have researched this church online, read both sides (Mormon and Anti-Mormon) and after speaking with missionaries as well, I have not found anything wrong in the church. Everything makes sense. There are no mistakes. WHOA! That was really cool. He´s never been to church before, but he wants to come and listen and learn. He said he´ll meet with us and learn more. He knows that Joseph Smith was inspired, and that it is impossible for him, with his little education, to have written such a piece of literary work as the Book of Mormon. He said that he doesn´t believe the Book of Mormon is true…he KNOWS it´s true! I then asked him that if this church is true, and he believes it is true, then would he get baptized? He said yes. I then asked if he would be baptized on the 17th of September…and he said yes again! So we now have a baptismal date. Just in time for Elder McGuire to get transferred. He´ll be going over to Saarbrücken, which is just south of Ramstein, the big American base. I will be staying here and working with Elder Myers. I talked to him a couple times while I was up north, and he seems like a pretty cool guy. Well, I gotta head out now, but hopefully everyone has a good week

Elder Mayle


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