Leaving Krefeld is Bittersweet

Biggest news this week…this is the last email from Krefeld! President Schwarz called on Saturday and let me know that I´m going down to be District Leader in Regenburg, which is south of Nürnberg. So I´m moving from the northwest corner of the mission to the corner of the southeast part of the mission. It´ll last a very long time. But I am way excited to go back down south. It´s in the same zone as Coburg, so I should feel very at home. I am super sad to leave Krefeld though. The bishopric asked me to share my testimony one last time, and it was quite an experience. I really feel a love for this ward, because it really is like a second home. I know the people so well, and they know me. As always, there was laughing involved as I talked, and of course there were some tears shed. Everyone came up to say bye to me afterward, and including yesterday, we have about 7-8 eating appointments. It´s nice to know that I will be missed. Even the weather was crying yesterday because I was leaving. I hope to stay in contact with all lot of these people, and they said that I had to come back and visit. I will really miss Krefeld, and the ward will have a very special place in my heart.

Elder Mayle


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