The Atonement of Christ Brings Joy

Last week of the transfer. I can´t believe six weeks have gone by already…again. But, it´s not bad. Last week was a lot better than the last few. We got back in contact with an investigator that I haven`t met with since December…whoa! It was pretty good, and we should be meeting with him later this week. We also had a great lesson with Herr Gitzelmann. He´s about 62, and I´ve been meeting with him since February. We watched the DVD “Finding Happiness” with him, and he had so many questions about life and happiness, and other such things. It was really a breakthrough lesson. It´s about time that he really starts making progress. He´s had a very hard time the past couple months, with a divorce and deaths in the family. But even through all this, that´s how people find faith again in Christ. We´re excited to see how this plays out. We´ll do our part.
In other news, I finished the Book of Mormon challenge last night! I read all the way through highlighting references to Christ´s name, His attributes, what he personally said, and the principles of the Gospel (faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end). This was incredible. I would encourage everyone to do this. I cannot describe how awesome it was to finish and see what the Book of Mormon looks like…it´s pretty colorful. I pretty much dare someone to tell me the Book of Mormon doesn´t talk about Christ and that it´s not true. They are wrong. This book is amazing!
And yesterday, we had an awesome lesson about the Resurrection. This piece of knowledge is one of the things that most people don´t understand. As part of the Atonement of Christ, this part, to me anyway, is the most important. The majority of other churches focus on His suffering and crucifixion. However, I would say the the actual salvation of man comes to pass through the fact that he overcame death. True, He did suffer for us, and he did allow himself to be betrayed and taken, and he did experience incomprehensible pain and death. However, with the resurrection, I believe he experiences incomprehensible joy and peace, as stated in 3 Nephi when he says, multiple times, “my joy is full…the Father granteth me a fullness of joy.” I prefer to focus on the happiness that we can enjoy and experience in this life. We don´t have crosses anywhere in our church buildings, because we do not celebrate His death, but His resurrection. We take joy in the living Christ, because we will also one day live again.

Elder Mayle


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