Members need to be Missionaries

Another week down. Time goes by super fast out here. We had interviews with President Schwarz on Friday, and he is absolutely awesome! He is funny, and inspired, and I am looking forward to serving with him. He gave us some great ideas and shared some great stories with me. It was all in German, and he said that my German is better than almost anyone else in the mission. That was pretty encouragíng. I´m working on the 501 Verb challenge, and I´ve memorized about 60% of them. The work here is slowly going up again. We`re making progress with a couple, but they are still having trouble getting to church.  During weekly planning Elder Baker and I made a plan to work with ward members. President Schwarz is emphasizing member work, and that we need to spend less time street contacting and dooring. It´s a more effective way to work, and it makes it a lot more fun. We came up with strategies to get the ward more involved, and to help them do missionary work and learn more about the Gospel. We`re going to the Bishop´s house tomorrow to present the plan and get things moving. We`re really excited about it, and I think the ward will also be excited once they see this. I´ve decided that even though I´m still going to try and find investigators myself, my main purpose for my mission is to get the wards excited about missionary work, and prepare them for the time when there aren´t missionaries in their ward. I also have decided that I want to train again, whether it´s in Krefeld, or I whitewash somewhere. I was in church yesterday listening to the Primary presidency in Sacrament meeting, and one of them said some very interesting things that got me thinking a lot. Long story short, I´m hoping I train for the rest of my mission. It probably won´t happen, but I´m allowed to dream I think.

Elder Mayle


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