Slow Week

This was a pretty tough week. We taught a grand total of two lessons. Ouch. And we found yero new investigators. We worked really hard, but nobody was giving us anything this week. It was a good reminder that we need to be humble and remember the Lord in all that we do. We had Zone Conference last week, and we got the General Conference Liahona. I`ve been spending my time reading through it and reminding myself what was said. There were three or four talks about putting aside other things and making marriage a priority. I decided that wasn`t for me, so I kind of discarded those talks by the wayside. But the rest were all good. I`m about halfway through the Book of Mormon again with the highlighting challenge, and it`s pretty impressive. We helped out a member today, in taking off their wallpaper. It took us two hours, but we did it much faster than if we hadn`t helped. I think that sentence makes sense. But it was good, and we got a ton of cookies out of it. And the satisfaction of performing service. But, other than a lull, we`re doing really well. We get a new mission president this week. I’ll be sending more information after we meet him on Thursday.

Elder Mayle


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