The Krefelder Kraken

Hello hello. Not much happened in the past week. We did find a couple new investigators, and we have hope for them. Things are kind of like a roller coaster out here. Sometimes our investigators are doing great, and sometimes they’re not. None of them came to church yesterday, which was very sad, but hopefully they come next week. I can`t remember if I told you this or not, but Elder Baker and I had a baking adventure. I have a brownie recipe from one of the sisters in Düsseldorf, and he has an excellent cookie recipe. So we decided to combine them. We put down a layer of brownie with white chocolate in it, then a layer of chocolate chunk cookie, and then another layer of brownie, with Lindt chocolate drizzled on top. We call it…the Krefelder Kraken. It was epic. It has so much sugar in it that it will kill if you eat too much at once, but the district loved it. We`ll be perfecting it over this next transfer. We´re super excited. But that`s about it.


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