6th Transfer and still in Krefeld

You`ll just have to keep waiting on pictures. It seems that when I attached them to the last couple of emails, they were taken completely off of my SD card. I`ll be looking for them, and hopefully I can find them, because they were the best pictures I had. But anyway, more updates to come. Transfer calls came on Saturday night, and I will be staying in Krefeld another transfer to finish training Elder Baker. This means two things. One: I will be in Krefeld for almost 9 months, once this transfer is over. That is a long time. But the ward is happy. One of the young men that I`ve been teaching piano and organ to just got called as the ward organist, so I`m off the hook for that, but I still play for the choir, and the young women are going to sing “We are Guardians of Virtue” in a couple weeks, so I help them out too. Yes, that means that I`ve been going to YM`s for the past two weeks. It`s…fun. Staying in Krefeld also means that I will be training for 5 transfers in a row. I haven`t heard of anyone else in the mission that has ever done that. It`s also fun, but it`s also somewhat tiring to train for months on end. I look forward to when I can have a companion that has just as much experience as me, because we will work together, instead of me pulling almost all the weight. Not that I`m complaining…I love training. So last week we got a referral from someone in Idaho. They had an exchange student for a year, and it turns out she lives in the Krefeld area. We went by yesterday, and it was great. She already knows quite a bit about the Gospel, and I`m hoping that we can explain everything well so she can be baptized in July. Her older brother was also pretty interested, and we`re really excited to teach them. It`s the most promising investigator I`ve had since I`ve been in Krefeld. I`m also continuing to highlight the Book of Mormon as I go through it, and it`s simply amazing how much I`ve learned. My BoM is looking very colorful. That`s about all for this week. Till next Monday.

Elder Mayle


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