The Book of Mormon is True!

Hello hello. I was just in Dortmund for another 2-day leadership training meeting, so this is coming late. This meeting was INCREDIBLE!  Mostly because President Ninow went off on a two-hour tangent. His tangents are the most spiritual things I have heard in my life. We talked about all sorts of things, and the reason it lasted so long is because we kept asking questions about the subjects we were talking about, so he kept imparting his endless wisdom to us. He is going to finish his time as mission president next month, and so we heard a lot of stuff about a mission president change. But, if I were to boil it down to one thing, I would say…be obedient. He really talked about this for a while, and it has been confirmed to me how important it is to follow all of the missionary rules, and the commandments that our Heavenly Father has given us. Our success in life is directly correlated to our obedience. I also had another cool experience during this training meeting. One of the things we do is we do “role-plays,” where we practice teaching different things and improve our teaching skills. I was teaching another missionary who was playing as an investigator who was told by someone else that the Book of Mormon was false because of this that and the other. One of the things we are taught is to listen carefully to what the people are saying, and then to listen for the Holy Spirit for what they need to hear. After he stopped talking, I listened, and out of nowhere, I was given what this investigator needed. I pulled out a couple scriptures and used the Introduction to the Book of Mormon to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon. As I did this, I also received another testimony that this book is true. The other missionary and I sat there in silence for a couple minutes after we finished and just thought about what had happened. Both of us know that the Book of Mormon is “Another Testament of Jesus Christ,” and that everyone can come closer to God if they prayerfully and carefully read it.

Elder Mayle


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