3rd trainee underway in Krefeld

Alright, another email from Krefeld.  The ward is pretty happy that I`m staying for a little while longer. I`m not sure what they`re going to do when I get transferred. I have another companion now…Elder Baker. He`s from North Carolina, and just came from the MTC. This is the third missionary I`m training, and I have now officially been training for over half my mission. Whoa. Crazy. But, I guess that`s what I`m supposed to do. Nothing wrong with that, and I`m not complaining. We had Stake Conference yesterday, and we were about half an hour late due to some marathon being run in Düsseldorf. But there was a lot of good things said. We went over to the Bishop`s house and spent some time with his family. We are teaching a couple teenagers right now, and both of them are doing well. I think they are both progressing greatly, and I`m excited to see where this all goes. Now that everyone is back from Easter Vacation, I`m sure that more people will be home and have time to meet with us. We`ve found several potentials in the past two weeks, and they all said “after Easter Break.” So, we`ll be going by a lot more often. And that`s about it. The mission is still awesome, and I think it will stay that way for at least the next transfer. So, until next week, have fun, and don`t forget to grow your testimony!

Elder Mayle


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