Translating / Feeling the Spirit

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and a fantastic Sunday. We had  a good one. Church was great. During church I am now translating for three people now, instead of just one. Two members from Taiwan and one from Spain. It`s pretty interesting. And as much fun as it is, I`m looking forward to the time when I can just sit and enjoy the meetings instead of not really thinking about what is being said. But, it was good. We had a great lesson with one of our investigators about the Resurrection and baptism, but he`s still not ready to make that commitment yet. And after that we went over to a member`s house and had…BBQ. Yup, good ol` American BBQ. The food was absolutely delicious, and we also played soccer with the kids for a little bit. It was tons of fun. Last week we found a family from Peru who seems very interested and we are really excited to teach them. We also found out that a member family from Spain moved in a couple weeks ago (the father is the one that I translate for…none of the other three speak German or English) and they are great. I was almost blown down by the Spirit when I walked into their house. They are incredibly humble, and when I shared my spiritual thought, the mom ran to the other room to get her scripture marker so that she wouldn`t forget the scripture. They are incredible. Plus, the father said he would come with us as a joint-teach to the Peruvian family, which will be great, because then they can talk in Spanish with each other to ensure understanding. We`re excited for that. But, it is possible that I won`t be able to teach them anymore. We get transfer calls this weekend, and after being here for over five months, I think it`s about time for me to get out of here. As much fun as I`ve had here, it`s not my favorite place in the world, and I would like to leave. I`m itching to see a different part of Germany, and see some new faces. I`ve also enjoyed working with Elder Collings, and he has improved a ton since he came into the field. His German is much better, and his teaching skills are slowly getting polished. He`s fun to work with, and sometimes I don`t understand why he makes the faces/noises he makes, and so it keeps me on my toes. But, after three months together, I can 98% guarantee that we`ll be getting switched up somehow. It`s time for him to move on to another elder who can teach him more than I can.

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