Loving the Book of Mormon

Another weekly report. This past week went pretty well. We taught tons of lessons and found a couple new investigators. We worked pretty hard and hopefully we can keep the work up and continue seeing the area grow. And hopefully we can get a baptismal date, because everyone else in the district has one…well, at least one. We had a solid week as a district. I’m loving the Book of Mormon more everyday, and I wish our investigators would read it so that they could love it too. Elder Collings and I have companion study everyday, and we spend almost the entire time talking about things that we learned during our personal study out of the Book of Mormon. We are finding all sorts of cool things that haven`t stuck out before. And we both have different perspectives, do I sees things that he doesn`t and he sees things that I don`t, so we have some cool conversations. It`s a blast. Teaching people is fun, and I`ve seen people change ever so slowly, and even though it`s possible to change faster, it`s cool to watch it happen. The Gospel really does help people, and that`s why we need to share it with others. If we have this awesome gift, then everyone else should have the opportunity to have it as well.  That`s why it`s so important to do missionary work all the time with everyone. We get blessings for it.

Elder Mayle


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