District Leader / Giving a Blessing

Oh man, what a week. We had Zone Conference this past week, and, as usual, it really gets me going again. I love hearing from our mission president and the assistants, because they`re all awesome missionaries. I got to do two companionship exchanges this past week. Now that I`m District Leader,  I have to go on a split with everyone in my district during the transfer. The first one was on Wednesday, and I got to work in Mönchengladbach with Elder Garlick, who has been in the field for almost four weeks now. He`s an awesome missionary, and is an exact carbon-copy of his trainer, Elder Forsythe, who I was Zone Leader with in the MTC. That was great. I was able to conduct a baptismal interview with one of their investigators. That was a very cool experience. His name is Guo (Goo) and he passed! He was baptized on Saturday. The second split I went on was with none other than MY trainer, Elder Anderson! As a Zone Leader, he goes on splits with the District Leaders in his Zone, which includes me. That was really cool. I worked in Düsseldorf with him and got to see another baptism in Solingen, just a little ways away. It was great to work with him again, and I hope that he saw how I`ve improved as a missionary since we were companions. I had tons of fun.
So yesterday I had a pretty awesome experience. As I woke up, I felt that something different was going to happen. This feeling continued throughout  the three hours of church, and I wasn`t sure what was going on, but I felt like I was being spiritually uplifted more than usual. I just felt different than on a normal day. After spending Sunday School and Sacrament meeting translating for two of our Chinese members, and after playing the piano for choir as usual, one of the older sisters in the ward came up and asked if I would give her a “Krankensegen,” or a blessing of healing. I realized that this is what I was being prepared for. I said that I would as long as I got the go ahead from the Bishop, which he gave. After Elder Collings anointed her with oil, I put my hands on her head and began giving her a blessing. Now, as you may remember, I`ve only given one blessing before, back in October…and that was in English. This was in German, and I REALLY didn`t have time to prepare myself at all. My German is enough to get by, but to just start talking with no particular topic to go on is tough. But then words started coming to mind, and thoughts came to me of things to say. So I talked until no more thoughts came to mind, and then closed. Wow. What an experience. Blessings are one of the coolest things that we are able to do through the Priesthood. My testimony was strengthened throughout this experience, and I know that we can always be lead by the Spirit whenever we ask for it and are willing to follow the promptings given to us.

Elder Mayle


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