Continuing to Grow Krefeld

Hello hello. This is coming a couple days late due to the fact that I was in Dortmund for a two-day Leadership Training. It was way good, as it usually is. I love learning from other elders and President Ninow.  It really helps me to learn how other missionaries work and incorporate good things into my own work. This past week was great. We had the best week that Krefeld has seen in a very long time. Now that I`m DL I have all the records of the district since 2008. We recorded the best numbers seen in Krefeld since May of last year. We found four new investigators, and taught a total of 13 lessons. This transfer, we`ve made a goal to teach two lessons everyday, and we`ve done it so far except for Sunday. It`s been great. And by the way, my companion glanced at my screen and noticed that you were praying for him and is language. He says it`s not working because you`ve been spelling his name wrong…it`s Elder Collings, with a “g.”  But he`s not bitter. Actually he says that he doesn`t even accept your prayers until you say it correctly. And then he says that he gives his best to Sis. Mail…neener, neener. But yes, last week was awesome. We found this one lady who we have talked to before and wasn`t interested, but we hadn`t visited in about a month. She let us in only because we looked so excited. After an hour, she was calling us her sons, and saying that we could come by whenever we wanted. We shared the Plan of Salvation with her, and she loved it and said she has a friend who needs to hear about it. She`s been taking the Book of Mormon everywhere she goes and can`t stop reading. It`s pretty nice. She basically adopted us as her grandsons. So when we talk about her during planning or whatever we call her “grandma.” Oh yes, and I that`s awesome that you met that one missionary. I actually do know Elder Nelson, and he is one of my favorite missionaries. He`s hilarious, and I hope I can work with him sometime before he goes home. Funny how small the world is. I love Elder Nelson. But yeah, that`s about all. We seeing miracles happen this transfer, and we`re only in week 2 of 6, so it will only get better. It will be an awesome month.

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