Staying in Krefeld

Alright, well, it`s the beginning of a new transfer today, or for those not fluent in missionary language, another six weeks have gone by. They were pretty good. As we were totaling all of our numbers last night, we had some great realizations. This transfer we taught double the amount of lessons as my first transfer here, and had double the amount of investigators. It was sweet. I`ll be staying in Krefeld another six weeks with Elder Collings, and I will also be serving as District Leader, since Elder Bangerter will be going home. I`m looking forward to all of the power I will be wielding…I mean, for the opportunity to strengthen the other missionaries in my district. It`s good to know that President Ninow trusts me in a leadership position. I also know that taking on more responsibility and fulfilling it will provide me with more blessings and increase my capacity to grow. My companion and I have a great feeling about this transfer, and I think some miracles will be happening in Krefeld. I`ll keep you posted.

Elder Mayle


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