Building Up Krefeld

All is well for another week. This past week was fairly good, finding three more people who are interested in hearing about the true Gospel of Christ. We are steadily improving as a companionship, which is a good sign. Elder Collings has been improving very quickly, and he`s more enthusiastic as ever. It`s always an adventure with him, and we have tons of fun. It`s fun to watch him contact people on the street, because when they respond, he has absolutely no idea what they are saying. That`s usually when one of two things happen…if the person seems really interested and wants to learn more, I`ll jump in and save him, but if I think that they really don`t want to listen to us, I won`t say anything, and Elder Collings will stand there for a second, and when I don`t say anything, he`ll just bear his testimony about whatever it is that he approached them about. It keeps the work fun. 99.9% of people don`t listen to us. But we don`t let that get us down. We`ve actually heard some pretty crazy things yelled at us. Some of them are things that I`d rather not repeat in English or German. We were told last week that if we called again, the guy would sue us. As far as lesson go, we`ve been averaging six or seven a week. Last week we actually got 10 lessons, which is the highest amount of lessons that have been taught here in Krefeld in over a year. So this area is picking up. We`re still in the rebuilding stage of getting Krefeld being a half-way-decent area. This place has been one of the worst areas in the mission for a long time, so it`ll take some time to get it going the other way. There`s a lot of potential here. Elder Collings and I have had some awesome lessons recently. We`re starting to think together more and more, but not quite to the extent that Elder Anderson II and I got to, but that`s probably the language barrier for Elder Collings. But we`re working on it! He`s learning 10 new verbs a day, which is good for both of us because there are a lot of verbs that I don`t know, so I have to keep up with him. This morning we had an awesome comp study about the Book of Mormon. The was spurred by me studying Chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel, which is “The Importance of the Book of Mormon.” We were reading all sorts of scriptures both in the BoM and the Bible about how awesome the BoM is and all the prophecies that are in there and how it really is another testimony of Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon more and more as the days go by. It`s so simple to understand, and it just gets me excited for life and everything that is contained in it. We don`t have to worry about anything because we have everything laid out for us through prophets, both modern and past. As part of my study today, I read “Safety for the Soul,” also known as “THE ELder Holland Talk.” Testimonies about the Book of Mormon are awesome to hear, and I hope that we can ALL give testimony of it to our friends, our family, and everyone that we come in contact with.

Elder Mayle


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