Avoid the Karnival

Alright, the biggest thing that I would say occurred in the past week would be my interviews with President Ninow yesterday. I always enjoy talking with him, and the answers he gives to questions are amazing. Inspiration is true, there is no doubt about it. Also, the past few days have bee “Karnival,” or in English, “Carnival.” (Since very few of you speak German, I figured I`d save you the time of going to Google Translator) Nothing in America compares to it. Basically, think of Halloween, except everything is closed, everyone is wearing costumes (yes, 70-year-olds included) and everyone is drunk out of their minds (yes, 70-year-olds are still included). Needless to say, we didn`t talk to too many people on the street. We avoided the worst areas so that we didn`t attract unwanted attention, and we had interviews, which is why I`m sending this today.  We`ve had some crazy run-ins with people, and we try to get out as fast as we can. We haven`t had anything thrown at us though, so that`s a blessing. We`re going to go eat all-you-can-eat Asian food and Mongolian grill now with a few other missionaries, sooooooo, back to your normal lives, citizens.

Elder Mayle


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