We All Have Strengths and Weaknesses

Jeez, the weeks seem to go by fast. So much happens in between P-days, but by the time I get to the computer, I can`t remember anything, and it seems like nothing interesting happened. We had Zone Conference last week, and it was all about Finding People. We focused on street contacting and contacting on trains. I will be totally honest and say that this is my biggest weakness. I am an introvert and I would much rather talk to myself than talk to other people. So this has been my challenge my entire mission. But it went well, and I continue to work on my skills as a missionary. On the opposite side of the missionary skill set, Elder Collings and Elder Bangerter both told me this past week that I am one of the best teachers they have seen. Elder Collings said that my lessons flow perfectly, and that I relate everything to the person and help them understand the principles of the Gospel. That was a nice compliment. This just goes to show that we all have strengths and weaknesses that we need to develop. Another cool thing happened at Zo Co. The day before, the ZL`s got a phone call from the AP´s saying that someone needed to do a musical number. It has become common knowledge in the mission that I`m a fairly decent piano player, so they asked me to play the piano while another elder sang. So Elder Gautraeux (pronounced Go-Tro, and no, he can`t speak French…he`s from Texas) sang “Abide With Me, `Tis Eventide,” with me accompanying him. I decided that it was kind of boring, and so before the conference started, I went to the piano and figured out a key change and a few other things. Basically, I made up an arrangement on the spot. That was really cool. I have been dubbed the best piano player in the mission…which means out of 130 missionaries, they think I`m the best. I guess I can live with that. My companion, Elder Collings is still having a little trouble…okay, a lot of trouble with the language, but he`s improving fast, and I`m excited to see how he develops as a missionary. That`s about all for this week though. Nothing amazingly spectacular.

Elder Mayle


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