Letter from the Mission President

I am writing to inform you that Elder Mayle has been called to serve as a Golden Trainer in the Germany Frankfurt Mission.  While serving in this capacity he will be responsible for the training of a new missionary coming from the Missionary Training Center.    He will lead and guide him as he continues to learn gospel principles.  You son will stand as a mentor in their morning study, goal setting and planning sessions.  Elder Mayle’s responsibility will be to help his new companion increase his knowledge of the Gospel, the ability to speak the German language, and to develop his confidence and ability in finding and teaching our Heavenly Father’s children here in Germany.

Elder Mayle has a love for the Gospel and is dedicated to the importance of missionary work.  I am grateful that Elder Mayle has accepted this responsibility.  It is an honor to serve with your son.  He is always willing and ready to do what is asked of him and serves the Lord with full purpose of heart.  We pray that the Lord will richly bless your family as your son continues to serve faithfully in the Germany Frankfurt Mission.


President Kevin J. Ninow


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