Had a Great Birthday!!!

K, not too much to report since Thursday. We have found a couple new investigators and had a couple of great lessons. But I realized that I have forgotten a couple of good stories. The first two have to do with my birthday. So last Tuesday (which was my birthday) I went down to Frankfurt for the training meeting. So it was a normal day, and Elder Anderson had told me Happy Birthday that morning. The training meeting ended around 9 pm, and after I had said the closing prayer and sat down, President Ninow said, “I think we have a birthday today!” So all of the trainers sang happy birthday to me. It was great. The following Sunday, I was in Primary, as I always am, and Sister Bunting (the Primary President) asked the kids who had a birthday in the past week. The kids said that none of them had, and then it was announced that I had a birthday, so they all sang to me too, and Sis. Bunting had made cupcakes for everyone and a special small cake for me. The irony was, Elder Collings and I had decided the night before to fast, because he`s having a big problem with the language. He`s struggling a lot, and so we had a companionship fast. So everyone was eating having a good time, and we were told to eat as many cupcakes as we wanted because she had made a lot. We were very sorry to inform her that we couldn`t eat anything because we were fasting. We took  a lot home though. And then yesterday I got another present from the Buntings (they REALLY like me)…it was two…um, chocolate things I guess. I know what they are, but you don`t…but the important thing to know is that they are bound in leather and have a little red ribbon down the middle…so they were made to look like scriptures. I`ll send a picture whenever I send pictures again. I have several I need to send, dating all the way back to Thanksgiving. But anyway, that`s about it. I just finished reading the New Testament this morning, and I have to say that Revelation is way fun to read. It was great, but I would say I have more fun reading the Book of Mormon, which is what I`ll be starting again tomorrow. This time though, I`ll be reading more carefully. We have been given a challenge as a mission to read through the Book of Mormon and highlight or underline every single reference to Christ. Since the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ, there are many, many allusions to Him. So that`s what I`ll be doing. I would like to extend the same challenge to you. As you do this, I can give you the promise that your testimony of Christ will be strengthened, and in turn (as it states in the Introduction to the Book of Mormon) your testimony of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and the one and only true Church of Jesus Christ will be strengthened.

Elder Mayle


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