Spending Time with Other Missionaries is Inspiring

Alright, it`s about time that I write this week. The past three days I`ve been in Frankfurt learning how to be a good missionary. That`s what we concentrate on while we`re here, in case anyone was wondering. It was great. You learn so much when you`re in a room with 60 other missionaries in leadership positions. We have an incredibly young mission, with 2/3 of us being out 6 months or less. But much was said and much was taken in. It`s always great to hear from our leaders and learn more and more. I love learning and I`m excited for Zo Co next week where we can learn more. It`s also great to see missionaries again. It`s great to see missionaries who are on the opposite side of the country. It`s great because we are friends with all other missionaries. Meeting new friends is something that you get good at on a mission. It was tons of fun. We also got to go to the temple on Tuesday. That was a great experience. I hadn`t been to the temple since August, and it was refreshing to go back again. I got a lot of answers concerning investigators and my new companion while I was there. I was sad when we had to leave.
Speaking of my new companion, Elder Collings is great. He`s from Salt Lake City, or somewhere around there, and I can tell that he`s really new. The suggestions and ideas that he has are exactly what you hear in the MTC. He took Spanish for six years and didn`t learn a word of German before the MTC. I feel really bad for him. I do my best to help him out, but I`m not sure how to do that because I don`t understand how he feels. I never had to worry about not understanding a single word that anybody says. But, I`m doing my best. He`s excited to be here and isn`t afraid to go up and talk to people. He`s going to turn into an awesome missionary once he gets the language down. Miracles are happening here and across the world, just as it has been for years. It`s amazing to watch things unfold before your eyes and share them with others when the opportunity arises. And of course, another thing that is great is…I got my Christmas present finally! It only took two months to get here. I was pretty excited to get it yesterday. It`s amazing to open boxes and see chocolate and peanut butter mixed together. I haven`t had that in a long time. But, that`s about everything for this week. I`ll email in another couple of days on Monday, and I can`t imagine too much will happen in between then and now.

Elder Mayle


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