“The Spirit guides us to the many, many gems found in the scriptures”

Well, here I am again, sitting at a computer, trying to decide what to write. This past week was not as good as the one before, because a ton of people weren`t home, or came up with lame excuses not to meet with us. So, everything was slower. We had about 20 appointments planned for the week, and only 5 went through. That`s somewhat discouraging. But, that`s not something that we can control. And wasting energy on things that you can`t control is probably the stupidest thing you can possibly do. So, I try not to do it. I`m still working on it. But, this is the last week of the transfer, and overall I would say that it has been awesome. Elder Anderson II (that`s how I`ll be referring to him) is probably my favorite companion so far. We have so much fun, and we also work hard. We have so many inside jokes, and he just has an awesome character. When he first came to Krefeld, I sat him down and told him that I was finishing his training…but that he shouldn`t view me like that. We are so close in how long we`ve been on our missions, that it really didn`t matter who was senior or junior companion. So even though I am technically his trainer, I`ve learned just as much from him as he`s learned from me. In fact, the only way that my skills may exceed his are only in the language perspective. I`ve had to jump in and save him in a couple situations because he didn`t know what the people were saying, but other than that, I`d say he`s probably a better missionary than I am. He seems just a little more focused than I am, and is much more organized than me. We have come up with so many ideas of how to get this area going, and I thouroughly enjoy working with him. I really want to work with him for another six weeks.
Last week we had a couple eating appointments as we went by a few memebers to talk about missionary work and see how we could help them. I was told on four different occasions this past week that I should never leave Krefeld. Why? Because I play piano for priesthood, Primary, Choir, and I`ve played the organ for Sacrament meeting for the past three weeks, due to Sister Hohmann being sick. She came up to me on Sunday and asked if I could stay forever. The first image that came to my head was that last scene in the movie Mujlan when she asks the guy, “Would you like to stay for dinner?” and then the grandma yells, “Would you like to stay forever?!?” I chuckled, and I`m not sure she got why I was chuckling. The Primary President told me she was going to call President Ninow and tell him not to transfer me…ever. So, I think that`s a compliment. But at that same time, I would rather have people saying they want me to stay because I`m a good missionary, and not because I can play piano and organ. But, it`s nice to be loved in the ward where you`re serving.
Okay, that`s all to report for this week, I think. I can`t think of anything in particular that I want to talk about concerning the scriptures, other than the fact that this past week has been awesome as I`ve read. There are many many MANY little gems that can be found in the scriptures that we would normally pass over, except for the Spirit guiding us. I love being able to study for an hour and than share what I`ve learned with my companion. And he finds really cool things too. It`s too bad that the people we talk to are not prepared to listen to what we say and what we have learned. The other day lady told us that we`re too young to go out and teach, and that we should go to school and study more before we try and teach things to people who know more than we do. Immediately the scripture came to mind, “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” I`m glad to be out here, and I hope that more people are going to listen to us proclaim the Gospel of Christ. We have a couple of great investigators that don`t quite understand yet, but the potential is there. By next week I should know if I`ll be staying with Elder Anderson in Krefeld or not, so, sit tight, and wait for the news!

Elder Mayle


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