Goldie coming to Krefeld straight from the MTC

This past week was awesome. We found lots of people that are interested, and we are almost meeting my personal standards for what an area should be like. This past week Elder Anderson and I taught so many awesome lessons together. We finally figured out how the other missionary works, and when we teach, we are really teaching together as if we were one person. We have too much fun…just kidding, that`s not possible. However, that fun has reached it`s end. Transfer calls came this morning, and Elder Anderson will be leaving. I will be training again, but this time I get a BRAND NEW MISSIONARY!!! He will be coming out of the MTC, and will be arriving tomorrow. I have no idea who he his, or what his name is, but I will be finding that out on Wednesday. I`m a little apprehensive, but at the same time I`m really excited. He`ll be coming to an area that is ready to be taught, and has lots of potential that will soon be actual people. It`s going to be an adventure. But so far my entire mission has been somewhat of an adventure, so nothing`s new. Also, I was notified that my trainer, Elder Anderson the First, will be coming up to Düsseldorf to be one of the Zone Leaders! I`m really excited for that. It`s pretty likely that I`ll be going on a split or two with him in the next six weeks, which will be tons of fun. I`m really excited for this next transfer. We had two investigators at church yesterday, and they seemed to enjoy it. This week is looking pretty good, and if everything goes through, we`ll probably be one of the fastest growing areas in the mission. In fact, I think we already are, but it`s only going uphill from here. The work is progressing, just like it does every week somewhere in the world. I hope everything is going well back in the states, and thanks for the support of missionaries everywhere!
BTW, Happy Birthday to Hannah, and Happy Birthday to Dad later this week.
Elder Mayle


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