Krefeld is Growing / The Gospel Answers so Many Questions

This week was spectacular! We found a ton of new people that said we could come back, and it feels even more successful than the week before. Both my District Leader and my Zone Leaders said that Elder Anderson and I are tearing up the area right now… they mean that in a good way. We are working hard, finding, teaching, and basically building Krefeld slowly and surely into an area that people want to get transferred to. We are both satisfied with the amount that the area is growing, although it is still not quite up to par with what I think an area ought to be. I really hope that we stay together here in
Krefeld for another transfer after this one so that we can really get the area going. And I think that President sees us improving and realizes what we`re doing, so he`ll keep us together. At least I hope so. We`re having tons of fun, and just doing as much as we can to improve ourselves, improve the members, and improve other people living in Krefeld. The Gospel is spectacular. It`s amazing how powerful it is to teach from the scriptures and focus on feeling and sharing the Spirit. It`s also incredible to see how your own testimony grows as you share it with others. There have been so many times where the atmosphere has been changed because we`ve shared our testimonies with people who may not have been interested at first, but after hearing our personal witnesses that the things that we say are true, they realize that we`re not just there to talk about religion, or God, or trying to get money, but that we, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have something special in our lives, and that we want to share it with other people so that they can feel the peace and joy that comes from having the Restored Gospel in our lives. Before my mission, I didn`t understand how many questions the Plan of Salvation answers, or how many questions that the Gospel makes easier. Don`t take the Gospel for granted. I think that this might be the thing that all members of the Church need to work on…young and old. Think about the little things that we get from reading our scriptures everyday. I wish I could convey the importance of this. I can`t say much other than…read your scriptures everyday, pray everyday, study the words of the prophets everyday, and most of all, apply the things you learn to your life. I`ve really been taking time to read the Ensign lately, and the prophets are true. As I read the words, I pick out things to work on, things that help me, and I receive inspiration on how to best help the people in my mission area…currently Krefeld. I know that as we do these things, we will all receive the same blessings of personal revelation, revelation for the people we have stewardship over, and peace in our lives, whatever that may mean for you. I see this daily as we help people. The Gospel changes everyone, member or non-member. I can only hope that I can touch as many people as possible, and that the Lord will lead me to the right people, and lead the right people to me. I hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Mayle

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