You Are in Charge of Your Own Happiness

Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year`s Celebration. Ours wasn`t so great, because we went to bed at 10:30, just like we always do. However, I was woken up right at midnight. The church right next to us starting ringing it`s bells and fireworks were going off EVERYWHERE! Pretty much every street had their own firework show. I`m not exaggerating. This went on for about 20 minutes. The amazing thing is that Elder Anderson didn`t even roll over in his sleep. I don`t understand how he slept through that. It sounded like a war zone outside. So New Year`s is a big thing over here. Then on the 1st we stayed in the apartment and cleaned the entire day. My new companion is a lot cleaner than my last one was, so the apartment is now spic and span. At least for a few days it is. So my new companion is awesome. We have been working really hard and having tons of fun. He`s from SLC, and has only been in the field for six weeks. But his German is great, and I`d almost say he`s a better missionary than I am. He is a fearless street contractor and a very obedient guy. I`ve learned a lot from him, and he tells me that he`s learned a lot from me. We`ve gotten someone`s contact information almost every day for the past week. While we still don`t have any investigators, we`ve talked to several people who I think have tons of potential. This transfer is going to be a building transfer. Unfortunately we have to recover from about four or five transfers of a missionary that was not a hard worker. I feel really bad that Elder Anderson has to come here in his second transfer, but that`s just how life goes. But as we thought about it, we decided to look at it in a different light. President has put two hard-working missionaries in an area that is probably one of the worst in the mission, as far as numbers go. But because of that, it`s a compliment to us, telling us that we are trusted enough to be put here with the expectation that we will get Krefeld up and running again. So in essence, Elder Anderson are “area-fixers.” After realizing this, we have moved forward with a new zeal and determination to work harder than most missionaries. After Zone Conference yesterday, we have re-committed ourselves to 100% obedience and dull dedication to the Lord and focusing on the little things that make a big difference. We have brainstormed many different ways on how we can contact more people who want to hear our message are prepared to receive it and find out whether out this Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ, just as our name states. Lately I`ve been thinking a lot about what kind of missionary I want to become, and what kind of person I want to turn into. Last night Elder Anderson and I had an amazing conversation about this, and we both are striving to be more Christ-like. I have looked at different missionaries that I have seen in this mission, and I have found several that I want to be like. There is a quote from someone, and it says that you must “find someone want to be like, study their habits, and then imitate what they do.” So that`s what I am trying to do. People like my District Leader, my Zone Leaders, and the Assistants, among other missionaries, are what I want to become. While I am not aspiring to be an AP, I am aspiring to be a missionary that is just as good as they are. And the way to do that is to be obedient. We have been given agency with the option to “choose liberty and eternal life…or captivity and death.” Thing hard about those two consequences before making the choice…or don`t. The choice is obvious, right? So why aren`t we more obedient? You must only decide whether you`re willing to give up that which is dragging you down. If you want to return to God, then do the things that get you on that path and then stay on it. It`s not. Just change your attitude. Learn to control yourself. The potential that we all have is so magnificent that we can`t even comprehend it. If we would take the time to tap into the power of the scriptures and obedience, our success and happiness in life would drastically increase. I`m going to be very blunt, and I hope that no one becomes offended, but if you do, I would refer you to Elder Bednar`s talk on being offended. So here it goes. If you are not successful or happy, IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT! You`re doing something wrong. Fix whatever needs to be fixed.. Go back to the basics…read the scriptures and pray daily. If you focus on becoming more like Christ, then things will work out the way they are supposed to. This doesn`t mean that you won`t have problems…but you will be able to cope with them so much better and be able to help others in their struggles. Who you are is very important, but who you will become is even more important. I promise that if you focus on being more obedient to the commandments that have been given to you, all aspects in your life WILL improve beyond belief. I have experienced this on my mission, whether it was me, my companion, or other missionaries that I have the opportunity to talk with. The first and foremost law in heaven is obedience.

Elder Mayle


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