Working Hard to Build the Kingdom of God

Time is going by fast. It hit me recently that it`s January. It`s probably a good time to realize that. This week it felt like things are on the up and up. After three weeks of slaving away and seeing virtually no numbers at all, I think Elder Anderson and I are beginning to see the fruit of our labors. We have a good line-up this week, meeting with members and other people who said that they would like to listen to us. I hope everything goes through. It`s a great feeling to go to bed exhausted, and wake-up exhausted. Okay, maybe not the best feeling, but it means that we`re working hard, which is what we are supposed to do. Yesterday when I was talking to my District Leader, he said, “Elder Mayle, I`m so glad that I don`t have to worry about Krefeld anymore. I mean, I still worry, and hope you`re doing alright, but at least I`m not thinking about whether you`re working or not.” That was nice to hear. I had to give a talk in church on Sunday. I bet you can`t guess the topic. So as I was talking about missionary work, I talked about how we, as missionaries, are there to help the members increase their testimonies and share the message of the Gospel with their neighbors and friends. The members shouldn`t think of helping us, so much as the other way around. I gave ideas of how they could do that, and said that we would like to meet with all the members in the next couple of weeks. I also mentioned how we would like to start a missionary class. I have been talking with our Bishop on ways to get the ward more excited about missionary work. I have been talking with members about ways to be great missionaries, from being good examples to inviting people over for Family Home Evening and showing Church DVD`s. I think the members are slowing warming up to us and wanting to do this. I think that by the end of the next transfer Krefeld will become one of the best areas in the mission, as long as the members continue to improve and Elder Anderson and I work equally as diligent. I`m excited. I`m pumped. How else can I say that? My enthusiasm is increasing everyday. Even though our numbers are still some of the lowest in the entire Frankfurt mission, I would not say that we are one of the most unsuccessful areas. Success in not measured in numbers, so much as how much effort we are putting into magnifying our callings. Numbers are NOT a good way to measure how a missionary companionship is doing. But the question, “How hard did you work this week?” is. And when Elder Bangerter asked me that question, I answered honestly when I said 100%. I didn`t even hesitate. This area is going to increase exponentially. I can feel it. I hope that everyone is doing well in the New Year, whether it be school, work, play, or anything else that doesn`t fit into those three categories. I have gotten letters from a couple people recently, and I love hearing about how awesome everything is back home. It makes me miss it a little bit, but at the same time I wouldn`t trade this time for anything else in the world. I wish you all the best of luck and happiness that the Gospel can bring this week.

Elder Mayle


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