Helping Members Feel the Spirit of Christ

This past week we worked really hard and slow. The only interesting things that happened were yesterday. We almost got the police called on us (because we were knocking on people`s door on Sunday and trying to talk about religion…what is this world coming to?), we got thrown out of two apartment buildings, called a narrow-minded American sect, and I got attacked by a dog. Other than that, not too much. We`ve been going by inactives and less-actives, trying to figure out what we can do to help them come to church and feel the Spirit again. Only one person was home when we came by. We also contact people like nothing else. We talk to everyone on the street and knock on doors a lot. But it`s just not bringing any success. The three people who said they were interested didn`t show up for their appointments and the contact information that they gave us was fake. We only had one lesson this past week, and that was with the inactive family. Absolutely nothing is happening in Krefeld, despite our constant working and unwavering obedience. It has been very tough. So, we are completely changing the way we are going to work. That`s one thing that I have learned while in Krefeld…if something`s not working, then do something else that might work. Yesterday we talked to about half of our ward, and set out appointments to stop by and talk about missionary work. There`s an interesting statistic that I heard at a Zone Conference. 1 out of every 1000 people that missionaries contact on the street or knock on their door get baptized. 1-2 out of every 3 member referrals get baptized. Can you see the difference in the numbers? It`s astounding. Think of how many more people would find happiness if every family found one person to invite into the church. Everyone can be a better missionary. Everyone should have a copy of “Preach My Gospel” at home and study it with your regular scripture study. Look for opportunities to share the Gospel. Às missionaries, we`re not trying to get members to help us with missionary work…we`re here working full-time helping members with member work. If you think of it that way, it will seem even more obvious to talk with people about religion and share the happiness that we have found in the Restored Gospel. Become excited about missionary work. Give them referrals. Talk to your friends and neighbors about the Church and prepare them to receive the lessons and make the covenants of baptism and the temple, and reap the blessings from them. Pray for missionary opportunities. If you pray with a true conviction to do what the Lord wants you to do, you will see situations that you haven`t seen before, and you will have the chance to expand God`s kingdom and give people the opportunity to receive blessings that they can`t even imagine. And as you strengthen and nurture you personal testimony, your desire to share the Gospel will increase.   D&C 18:10-16.

Elder Mayle


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