Merry Christmas Week!

Merry Christmas week. This past week was better than usual. I was able to go on two exchanges. I worked in Krefeld with my District Leader, Elder Bangerter, on Wednesday, and that was tons of fun. We talked to a ton people and got a couple of contacts that I`ll be following up with in the New Year. At dinner he gave me a little “interview” to see how I was doing. He knows I`ve been having a rough transfer, so he gave me different suggestions that I can do myself to try and make it better. He referred me to a couple of places in Preach My Gospel that I should focus on. A couple questions that really got me thinking were “What do you want to become?” and “What do you want to say you did on your mission?” They were fantastic questions that made me want to be better in every aspect of missionary work. I have a long way to go, too. On Saturday I went on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Heller. He`s actually from Potsdam, but his English is amazing. I worked with him in Düsseldorf and two awesome lessons with people they had contacted on the street. Teaching with him was amazing. He had perfect transitions between the two of us, and we explained everything very clearly. I really hope I get a companion like him this coming transfer. Going on splits is always really fun. You get to know other missionaries, see how they teach, and get lots of ideas of how missionary work should be done. After that, the ward had a Christmas party and I played a few songs with a group of members. It was fun. There was a really funny game that was played. I`ll see if I can get a copy of the script so that others can duplicate it. Then we went to the Spence`s. Brother Spence is from England, and the entire family is awesome. We watched Mr. Kreuger`s Christmas. I forgot how cool that was.
Sunday was also great. All of the Church meetings were very good, and I learned something from all of them. Yes, that includes Primary. Then we had a really awesome experience in the evening. We were on the way to a member`s house, and our street-train was delayed for snow, and we decided we could walk there faster than the delay. As we were walking, this lady ran across the street and starting talking to us. She said that she was so happy to see us again and that she wanted to invite us over for tea. Elder Guin and I had absolutely no idea what was going on. She said that a couple months ago we had knocked on her door and she had said that she didn`t have time and shut the door. Since then she had been thinking about us and decided that she did want to talk to us afterall. She had been praying that she would see us again on the street or something. It turns out that Elder Guin and Elder Curtis (previous missionary in Krefeld) had talked to her but had thought nothing of it, because we get rejected everyday. So we now have an appointment set for December 30th. Elder Guin will actually be gone already, but I should still be here. It was the weirdest thing for her to talk to us. The member whose house we went to is Brother Polkähn. He`s 92 and still kickin`. He`s probably one of my favorite people ever. He`s very funny and is an excellent missionary. He pulled out his accordion and we went upstairs and sang for the couple that lived above him. They loved it. I did get a picture of me playing the accordion.  I`ll send it as soon as I can. I`ll send out a Christmas message next week, since in Germany there are two Christmases…the 25th and the 26th. I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and let`s all remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas love from Germany,
Elder Mayle


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