Zone Conferences Help Us Remember the Basics

Yet again I’m writing late. We had Zone Conference the past two days, and it was incredible. We heard a lot from President Ninow, the assistants, and the zone leaders. Zone Conferences are great because President always lets us know what we need to work on. He sees everything that’s going on with investigators and missionaries and he’s able to tell us what we should be focusing and improving on. Yesterday was a lot of the basics that we may have forgotten. After he talks about a certain skill or procedure or something that we should do while teaching lessons, we turn to another companionship and practice what we just learned. It really shows me what I need to study and work on more.
Thanksgiving was fun. Elder Guin and I splurged on groceries and got some good stuff for our Thanksgiving dinner. We had a couple of turkey drumsticks, potatoes, green bean casserole, brötchen (kinda like rolls, but different), and apple pie with ice cream. I took a picture, but unfortunately the computers don’t take SD cards here, so I can’t send any pictures at the moment. We were stuffed afterward. And yes, we cooked everything ourselves. We did do a couple of experiments with cooking, and all has ended well. We haven’t gotten sick yet, and the food has been great. I got a pack of brownie mix from my zone leader yesterday, so I made those this morning and they were great. Luckily we had a packet of caramel sitting in the cupboard, so I put that on top. We have an eating appointment with the Buntings tonight. Bro. Bunting is American and served his mission in Switzerland. Sis. Bunting is German and attended BYU, where they met. She’s also the Primary President who asked me to play the piano for the Primary. So I did that last Sunday, and she told me I was hired for the job. Another one of the teachers said that I hopefully won’t be transferred any time soon. And I don’t think I will. They are awesome people and I look forward to dinner.
Elder Guin is from North Carolina, and is leaving for home on the 29th. And I can tell. In the two weeks I’ve been here, I haven’t seen a single investigator. We have no progressing investigators, and we have had a total of seven lessons.  That’s bad. Elder Anderson and I were getting at least seven lessons a week with several investigators and one baptismal date with Vanessa. The reason why is because we’re not working hard at all. I’ve been trying to get Elder Guin out the door to go and find people, but he’s not focused and doesn’t have much of a drive to work. I talked to President about that yesterday at lunch, and he just told me to be blunt with Elder Guin and tell him that I don’t want to spend the next four weeks accomplishing nothing. So, I will be having that talk soon.
Other than that, there’s not much to report. Days go by, and I’m going to really try and get things picked up around here so that my next companion doesn’t come into an area with nothing happening.

Elder Mayle


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