Krefeld isn’t Coburg, Toto!

Viele Grüße aus Krefeld,
We’re not in Coburg anymore, Toto.  It’s very different up here than down in Bayern.  It’s taking me a few days to get used to the new apartment, new views, new cities, new atmosphere, and new ward.  Krefeld is a lot bigger than Coburg…like, about 6 times bigger.  I went from a town of 40,000 to a city of 240,000.  There’s a lot more area to cover here.  But I still don’t know a lot about it yet.  Other than the fact that the ties that are made here are very well-known, at least in Germany.  The ward is pretty cool.  Usually there’s 70-80 people attending on Sundays.  We haven’t had too many appointments yet, but that’ll change this week.  It turns out that Elder Castillo, who was in my last district, served here about four months ago.  When he heard that I was coming up here, he attacked his companion and told Elder Anderson that he needed to talk with me.  He told me all about the area.  When I was asked to introduce myself and give my testimony on Sunday, I had to first tell them that Elder Castillo said hi.  I got a few good chuckles out of that.  And, of course, there’s pretty much no one that plays the piano in this ward either.  There is an organ player, so I don’t play in Sacrament meeting, but I was asked to play in Priesthood meeting, and be the choir pianist.  On top of that, the Primary President came up to me after church and asked if I would play in Primary as well.  I am excited for Primary.  The Primary kids are so cool.  They love missionaries.  They give us food sometimes.  So that’s the ward.  My new companion is Elder Guin.  He’s been here since April, so he knows the area pretty well.  It wasn’t until we got to the apartment for the first time that he told that this is his last transfer.  He goes home four days after Christmas.  This presents me with a challenge.  Not only do I need to get the numbers in the area up (they’re somewhat lower than Coburg’s numbers) I also need to learn the entire area in six weeks and keep my companion’s thoughts on the mission and not on home.  This is quite a task President Ninow has given me.  But, I think all will be well, and we’re going to baptize 30 people in six weeks, and have a bunch more lined up for next transfer.   Okay, maybe not, but that’s the idea.  We had an awesome planning session yesterday.  Last week we were moving slow because we didn’t know each other and I was trying to move all my stuff around to the right place.  But after yesterday we’ve decided that tomorrow is going to be an awesome, hard-work day.  We’ll be putting our noses to the grindstone and making up for last week.  I’m missing Coburg a lot right now (leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve done) but I’m excited to get this area going and working with more people.  I’m not sure if any place can top Coburg, but if it does, it will be incredible.  Don’t change the channel.  We’ll be back in a few…days.

Elder Mayle


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